I am happy to announce the launch of Website of the Department of Education(S) which is set to become a one-stop destination for all kinds of news and information about the activities that the department has been taking up from time to time. I need not emphasise that a website has become a necessity for any government agency that places value on transparency and exchange of views and analysis of feedback from the general public. In this case, the education department will benefit much by way of valuable inputs from the public users and the ease and speed with each the department can reach out to them through this instantaneous medium. It is hoped that such interaction will foster a spirit of collaboration and encourage popular participation in the endeavours of the department. I also appeal to the public to make use of the website to the optimum level and also to let us know how it can be improved further.

I wish the department’s online endeavour all success and the users a happy and rewarding browsing experience.
Shri L. Jayantakumar Singh,

Hon’ble Minister of Education, Govt. of Manipur

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